Tour Testimonials

What a lovely homeland you have, so green and peaceful! Emil and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with the group and you must keep Ken and John. They kept us informed and entertained. You are the perfect host, believe me, we have been on other tours. I am still wondering what happens when those commodes spring a leak with the tanks behind the walls or are there tanks? Can't complain about the water over there it beats ours here when it comes to no chlorine taste and so soft. Anyway, we are glad we came with you and don't change a thing. Can't praise you enough.

Emil & Shirley DePasquale


How do you explain a life changing experience that you yourself do not fully understand? We feel as though we had the privilege to visit another world that no word or pictures could do justice. Our experience in Ireland was an awakening of our senses, to the point that seemed surreal. We were awestruck by it's history, beauty, and most of all by the Irish people, who by attitude and actions truly reached out and touched our hearts. God created this island of rocks and the Irish people have been it's interior decorator for thousands of years to bring it to the beauty and wonderment that Ireland is today.

We have so many stories to tell, white lightening on the bus, pub crawling, kissing the Blarney Stone, our drivers, Ken & Pat, whose driving abilities would qualify them to drive at Nascar races here in the states. Their whit, knowledge and charm kept us wondering what new adventure lies ahead around the next turn. They truly were one of the many highlights of our tour.

Our fellow travelers at the start of the tour were just a group of people. As each day passed they let their guard down and in a short period we became a group with a common goal, (to have fun and enjoy ourselves), and that we did.

The buses, hotels, food and services were beyond our expectations.

Cahal, you meet many people in life, some just in passing, some become acquaintances, and a few become friends. We first met you last January at the American Legion, and again in March at the Port Charlotte St. Patrick's Day show. On tour at the end of each day we discussed the things we had done or were going to do. One thing stood out continually as to how you hovered around like a mother hen overlooking her chicks to insure their well being. Cahal, you have shown yourself as to be an honest and caring person and we would consider it a privilege to call you a friend.

The invitation we extended, when you are in our neck of the woods to come and stay with us stands. We have plenty of room. A home cooked meal, a swim in the pool, and a few cold glasses of Guinness sounds good to me. Bring your lovely wife, we would like to get to know you both better.

Your friends,
John & Pat

We are planning to go on your cruise in February.

P.S.S. Ireland said goodbye to us at the Dublin Airport, we were sitting at the last gate at the end of the terminal when John jumped up and yelled Rainbow and ran the 100 feet to the window with his camera and took a picture, it was gone in about 20 seconds, but we got the picture. He also scared the living hell out of other passengers sitting there!


Dear Cahal,
We just wanted to let you know that we really, really enjoyed our trip to Ireland with you. The drivers were wonderful. The hotels were great as was the food. We really enjoyed the shows the Trad on the prom, the Medival dinner, The 3 Rock show in Dublin as well as the 2 shows you put on for us. We really can't say anything negative about the trip. How you arranged for us to have such good weather was just short of a miracle! I know Pat said it was us all singing the Sunshine song and I'm sure every tour does that. And you teaching us the Irish National Anthem in gaelic was great and I think we all did a pretty good job of singing it for your Irish friends. Hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.

We had a good trip home to Pitts. and it has been raining ever since we got home and it rained all the time we were gone. Our flowers and tomato and pepper plants look wonderful.

Hope your stay in Ireland after we left was great and that you had a nice trip home as well.

We hope to see you again sometime, somewhere. It is so nice to have met you. We think that trip was are BEST ever and we have been lots of places. The people were all great. CIE tours is wonderful as well, seems a good tour Co. to be with.

Marge and Dick Lambert
14B White Tail Way Norwalk, Ohio 44857


Dear Cahal,
Thank you so much for the great trip. We had a wonderful time, the food, hotels, entertainment, laughs ,Paul and yourself for giving us such an enjoyable time. It was so relaxing to have the best of Ireland planned and all laid out for us. We did have fun and would like to do the same trip again down the line. Your concerts were grand and we did enjoy the singing classes on the bus. All in all a wonderful trip and we look forward to seeing you in Feb, keep in touch and let us know when you will be in and if we can do anything to prepare the way.

2012, Jewel & Doug WA


If you’ve never been across the sea to Ireland, then with Cahal you really ought to go. From Bunratty, where we feasted in a medieval way, To the “trad on the prom” sheer delight in Galway bay. On the buses he would alternate, relating facts and stories and we found that he was well informed in many categories. We also saw compassion when an accident did befall his genuine concern and caring, really touched us all. He even let us try ‘potcheen’-too much could make you limp and i swear any more of that wonderful food we’d all look like the ‘good year blimp’. As the wheels on the bus turned round and round we saw breathtaking scenery and quaint little towns strolled along inch beach, did the quiet man tour drank Guinness and Jameson, Irish coffee galore.

Our hotels were magnificent with rooms so inviting and Cahal’s entertainment made our evenings exciting. All too soon our tour’s over, bags once more in the hall. Can’t we stay longer? It’s been such a ball. Back to Canada we’ve come and the colours of fall but i fear we’re suffering “Cahal withdrawal” So you’re cds we’ll keep playing, bringing memories no end and pray that in florida, we’ll all meet again!

Signed, Fran Shaumann


Hello! Cahal,
Thought you might like to read these thoughts written during our flight home. It was a really good tour and we enjoyed the people on our bus and the people of Ireland. Patrick was a "gem"as our driver,guide, historian, and singer. "Oh my God Harry"!, will forever be with us! We enjoyed our top hotels and their convenient locations as well as the great food. Your plan to take us from the Medieval to the modern day Dublin and show us the super variety between the poor and the wealthy and the old and new was great."40 Shades of Green" is a very accurate description of Ireland. We certainly enjoyed the entertainment, especially yours, along with Sean O Se, and meeting your father, sister and brother was a delight when they joined us for our two nights in Kinsale. We enjoyed the extras: the pub crawl, the comedy show, the wedding at Bunratty, and the Miss Ireland show in our hotel in Dublin. Pat and I enjoyed our looong walk to the Guinness Brewery, the wonderful view of Dublin, and of course, the Guinness itself.What fun! Thank you for everything.

See you in Florida,
Pat and Joan Eastley. September 2009


Dear Mr. Fallon,
I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed our tour with Cahal Dunne. It was everything we expected and more. The hotel accomodations were wonderful and the tour was magnificent. We also enjoyed the fact that we were not rushed from one place to another, so the tour was also relaxing. Our tour guide/driver, Paul Farrell, was wonderful. He was extremely knowledgeable about the places we visited and he was also a lot of fun. He made our tour extremely enjoyable. I hope that you can let him know how much we enjoyed his company. Again, thanks for a wonderful tour. We are definitely planning to go back to Ireland in a couple of years, and it will definitely be on another of Cahal's tours.

Eileen Hite, Pittsburgh PA July 2004



Here we are on a tour of Ireland with Cahal Dunne
The best of all if you pick one
We're treated like royalty with the best of everything
Even the pleasure of an evening to hear Cahal sing.
With word from Dad for Ryan to play,
and a song from Elisha to top off our day.

There's tours of the countryside of this beautiful land,
and history and folklore with Sean close at hand.
we know we're all safe as he's drives our bus,
He sure knows his job and where to take us.
Where else are there castles to roam and explore
with such friendly people guiding our tour.

Going to pubs for lunch with more food than we should eat there,
and delicious dinners in grand hotels served with great care.
There's quaint little shops in all of the towns,
So we can "shop 'til we drop" as we make our rounds.
Some of us climbed up the steps to kiss the Blarney Stone,
This should enhance our stories we'll tell when we get home.

We're going to drive round the Ring OF Kerry this fine day,
Then off tomorrow to see Dingle, on yet another beautiful bay.
Dining in Bunratty Castle will be fun we know,
We'll be like Lords and Ladies and see a great show.
Then back to Dublin on our way to the American shore,
With lots of beautiful memories, and much much more.

If travelling to places is something you yearn,
You'll surely make Ireland a place to return.
Thanks to renowned Carmel skilled Sean and charming Ryan,
beautiful Kathleen, and talented Cahal,
For a wonderful tour of Ireland, the second most beautiful country of all!

Jean Adams Dougherty, Tucson, Az. 2006


Dear Cahal:

Just a short note to thank you for a wonderful tour of Ireland. It was a trip of a lifetime for both myself and Denny O'Brien. All of the Canadians in our group enjoyed it immensely.

The hotels, food and entertainment were wonderful. We have already recommended this tour to our friends. We just hope that we can get you to come to Ontario to do some shows.

Denny and I are going back to Zephyrhills Florida again for the winter and I am going to keep checking on your website to see if you are having any shows close to us. We would love to see you again.

It was also a pleasure to meet Kathleen. She is a wonderful person as you already know. You both were so down to earth and we consider you friends.

Again thanks again for a great trip and hopefully we will meet up with you again this winter.

Mary Ellen Williamson


Dear Cahal

We just wanted you to know that we enjoyed our trip to Ireland very much. The hotels were excellent and the meals delicious. Our coach driver, Adrian Daly, was very entertaining and informative. We sang a lot as we toured the countryside, and he gave us a couple of solos, as well as jokes and stories. Of course he kept track of us and was very patient (some of us were always a few minutes late). I had a chance to research the limerick "The Cats of Killkenny" at the NLI in Dublin, but Adrian's explanation was more believable than the librarian's. This poem was one of two that were handed down in our family.

The shows were wonderful and we enjoyed Cahal's especially. He is an excellent tour director. We could go on and on telling you praises for this trip. Thanks for your patience in answering our questions before we left.

Linda and Norman Kirsch



Thank you for such a wonderful trip to Ireland. Kudos to you for such an interesting itinerary. Ken is such an asset to your tour. We all so enjoyed him.

Dianne Eakin, PA June 2016



Thank you so much for a wonderful tour of Ireland. It was a trip of a lifetime for me. Tim and Ken were so gracious and wonderful guides, with their vast knowledge of Irish history, folklore and culture. It made all the difference. Thank you and Kathleen for being there, and guiding us through our daily excursions. Your music was such an added treat for us. Mary, Kathy, Nancy and I are still laughing as we look back on our trip, and all the wonderful things we saw and experienced. I wish you well in your future travels, and hope to see you in CT to share the wonderful memories that were made on this trip.

Peggy O' Brian, CT June 2016


Hi Cahal and Kathleen,

Thank you for the best vacation ever! I am so glad my dear friend Mary, works with your sister - otherwise, we probably would never have been on your tour. Everything was fun and amazing; Ken, our tour guide / bus driver, the places we visited and stayed, the great weather, shows, food, shopping and castles! "The craic was mighty."


Kathy Frageau, CT June 2015